National Prayer Breakfast Invocation

God of all nations and all people,

This morning you bless us with gifts of life and food, laughter and music, wisdom and inspiration. Despite our many differences, you have gathered us around these tables in true peace and community. We thank you for your grace and for the labor of those who have made this morning possible.

Pour out your grace upon us, that your perfect peace might reign in every heart and every home and every land. Fulfill the deepest hopes and dreams of those who founded this nation to be a beacon of freedom and justice. Enable each one of us to fulfill our calling in this world.

Where we are ignorant, enlighten us. Where we are prideful, humble us. Where we are weak, strengthen us. Where we are broken, heal us.

We thank you for all those who lay their lives on the line for the sake of others, and for all our partners in the cause of peace. Sustain and protect all who labor with us this day to give the world a taste of the good things that we have experienced around these tables this morning.


Delivered by the author at the Fort Leavenworth observance of the National Prayer Breakfast on 9 Feb 06.