A Prayer for the Nation

John Wilks published this prayer for the nation on the occasion of its Independence Day. I thought it was just right for Christian citizens of this land, and I reprint it in full that it might be your prayer as well.

Gracious God, Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, today we pray for our homeland. May our leaders be wise and just. May our liberties make us courageous. May our prosperity make us generous. Open our eyes to the needy in our midst- that we would show mercy and grace to the aged, the orphaned, the foreigner, the oppressed, and the poor. Help us find the path from war to peace. Teach us to use our influence over other nations with humility and grace. Bless Your church in this land that we might speak Your truth both lovingly and clearly. May we learn to love people of all races and walks of life, that through our love they may come to hear the Gospel Truth and be saved! Bring forth revival through your Holy Spirit so that lives will be transformed by Your unending love!

King of all nations, be our strength and our guide now and forever more. Amen.

By John Wilks, A Preachers Journney, original post linked here. Reprinted under the terms of John’s Creative Commons License. [UPDATE: Original links are dead.]