A Mother’s Call

Assembly of God seminarian Amy Maxwell is a participant in the Army Reserve’s Chaplain Candidate program. She is also a wife and a mother. In “A Mother’s Call,” she answers those who have difficulty believing that God could possibly call her to military ministry.

My God sometimes calls mothers to do uncomfortable things. Things that don’t make sense. Things like putting a baby in a basket and hoping the river will carry him to safety… Things like giving birth to a son only to see him die on a cross thirty-three years later. Motherhood does not serve as an exemption for service or sacrifice.

What about the children? She writes:

My goal as a parent is not to guard my children from pain. If given the choice between keeping them safe or making them strong, I choose the latter. I want to raise up a man and woman who are not afraid to serve, to sacrifice, and to trust God in any circumstance.

Chaplain Candidates are seminary students who have been endorsed by their denomination for that status. They receive a commission as a 2d Lieutenant in the U.S. Army Reserve and are able to attend a portion of the Chaplain Officer Basic Course. They may also receive additional military and professional training during their candidacy. The program allows interested seminarians to explore the option of military ministry while still in school.