Sheepdogs of the Week

As Dave Grossman says, there are sheep, wolves and sheepdogs in this world. The wolves prey on the sheep; the sheepdogs protect them. Both wolves and sheepdogs have fangs, but they use them for quite different purposes.

The Sheepdogs of the Week are SGT Kimberly Munley and SGT Mark Todd civilian officers in the Department of Defense Police force at Fort Hood. Both officers ran to the sound of the guns and did exactly what they were trained to do.

For whatever reason, someone trained to be a sheepdog – and a caretaker for the sheep – decided to become a wolf this week. The wolf’s rage killed or wounded 42 people before SGT Munley rounded the corner to stop him. According to reports, SGT Munley engaged the shooter with her own service weapon and drew his attention. The shooter turned toward SGT Munley, charged her and returned fire, hitting SGT Munley in legs and arm. About this time, SGT Todd joined the fight and fired the last shots of this brief, intense gun battle. Together, even with SGT Munley wounded, this courageous team managed to put enough rounds into the rampaging wolf that he could kill no more.

Thank God for sheepdogs like SGT Kimberly Munley and SGT Mark Todd.

* * *

For those who work in what Grossman calls the most psychologically toxic environment on earth, I highly recommend Grossman’s On Combat, The Psychology and Physiology of Deadly Conflict in War and in Peace. Grossman’s insights are invaluable for both police officers and soldiers as they prepare for the possibility of using lethal force, and as they recover from the times they do.