Baccalaureate Prayer Breakfast Invocation

For a community Baccalaureate held at a prayer breakfast for seniors graduating from an overseas Department of Defense Dependent School (DODDS).

Our God,

We ask to know the blessing of your presence here this morning as we mark this important milestone in the life journey of these young men and women.

We give you thanks for this food we share together, for the friendships that have sustained our spirits, for caring teachers and mentors who have nurtured our minds and shaped our character and for ideas that have captured our imagination.

We thank you Lord for the growth – physical, mental, moral and social – that has taken place in these young men and women over the past 18 or so years. You’ve helped them become who they are; now help them grow into the men and women they can become.

Be with them and strengthen them for whatever the future holds. Lead them in the paths that are best for them. Watch over them and protect them as they begin to establish their independence. And be with them and their families as they begin to experience the pain of separation that comes with growing up.

Lord, as a parent, I know that days like this are why you entrusted our children to us in the first place. Help us to entrust them to you as they venture from the nest, test their wings and fly on their own.

In your name we pray, Amen.