Just a Drop in the Bucket

In 1993, a rain drop fell near my home in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. This particular raindrop made its way through ditches and streams until it reached Roubidoux Creek. From there, it entered the Gasconade River at Waynesville, and the Missouri river at the town of Gasconade. It headed downstream from there to St. Louis, where it joined the Mississippi River, and then headed out to sea at New Orleans. If it could speak, that raindrop might have said, “I’m just one raindrop. What do I matter? What difference do I make, for good or for bad?”

Indeed, one rain drop doesn’t seem very important at all.

It made more of a difference than it might have thought. As it moved down stream, it joined with other rain drops and together they flooded every town they passed, chasing families from their homes, destroying businesses and ruining crops. Over 320,000 square miles of land were inundated in the Great Flood of 1993.

Great Flood of 1993Over time, rain drops just like this one have changed the course of the rivers, reduced mountains to hills and deposited over half the land-mass of the state of Louisiana – one rain drop at a time.

I’m just one person. Does it matter if I treat people with respect, live honestly and deal fairly? Does it matter how I treat my family and work my job and live in my community? I’m just one little person – a drop in the bucket in a sea of humanity.

All of our actions flow into the stream of human history. They may seem no bigger than a single drop of rain, but they will change the course of events for all time to come. May God give you the grace to let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream (Amos 5:24).