Hearing the Word

Upon entering your place of worship, I recommend that you read the scriptures for the day before the worship service begins. Then, when the scriptures are read during worship, put your Bible down and listen with your ears, not your eyes.

For most of the church’s history, that’s the way the people of God encountered the word of God – by hearing it read aloud. Scribes copied manuscripts by hand. Only scholars had copies of the Bible to study. People didn’t have the Bible at home, collecting dust on a bookshelf. Most people only heard portions of the Bible read in church.

In the first century, all books and letter were written to be read aloud, and that’s how the Biblical authors expected that people would receive their words. “Faith comes hearing,” Paul says in Romans 10:17. When God’s people gather to worship, try listening with your ears and learn to experience God’s word in a new old way.

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