Functions of the Holy Spirit in Luke-Acts

In his commentary on Acts in the Reading the New Testament series, Charles H. Talbert identifies three major functions of the Holy Spirit in Luke-Acts:

  1. Empowering the church for witness in two ways: first, by granting boldness to human witnesses and second, by providing confirming miracles.
  2. Incorporating people in the reconstituted Israel, the people of God.
  3. Revealing the divine will to God’s people, either through Old Testament prophecy, through Christian prophecy, in community decisions, or in the direction of individuals.

Talbert finds five minor functions of the Holy Spirit in Luke-Acts:

  1. The Spirit bears ethical fruit.
  2. The Spirit produces praise to God.
  3. The Spirit effects supernatural relocation.
  4. The Spirit strengthens the church.
  5. The Spirit effects miracles.