Leithart: Atonement and Ecclesiology

Peter Leithart, from First Things:

If we read the whole gospel as atonement theology, then ecclesiology is integral to it. Jesus’ work includes not only His climactic death for the of the world, but the formation of a people through His ministry of healing, teaching, feasting, cleansing, and exorcism.

When we read the gospels whole, we discover that the cross is the climax of a narrative about the incarnate Son’s founding of the church.

One thought on “Leithart: Atonement and Ecclesiology”

  1. Leithart is missing the true climax. It is only through the empty tomb that the Church has any reason to follow the Son of God. Without the Eighth Day, Good Friday is just another martyred prophet. Without Easter, we cannot know Jesus of Nazareth as the Christ. And without Christ, we have know reason to be the Church.


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