A Prayer for the Nation and the World

Almighty God, king of all nations, we pray to you today for our country and for all the people of the earth.

Bring peace to your world, O Lord, and establish your justice among the nations. Defeat the powers of death and destruction that rage throughout the world. Deliver the innocent from their enemies. Protect your creation from harm.

We give thanks for our country and for all that is good in our society. Bring joy to our land, we pray, and happiness into every home. Where we have gone astray, correct our faults and set us on the right path. Give us the means to provide for our all our families and to afford our children a better future. Build up our communities as places of well-being for everyone, and give us a love for each other that reflects the love you have for us.

We seek these blessings for our nation, and for all the people of the world. Amen.