A Prayer for the Army

Eternal God,

I pray for our* army, its soldiers and civilian employees, and for all who are part of the army family. Strengthen the ties that bind us together as one, and pour out your blessing on every individual. Keep every family and every friendship whole and healthy. Guard us from all harm. Lift up the broken-hearted, and relieve those who are suffering.

Guide and protect our brothers and sisters deployed throughout the world. Lead our nation always to employ us wisely and honorably. Give us the wisdom, courage and strength of spirit to accomplish every mission entrusted to us by our nation. And let our labors always contribute to the cause us of peace.

Keep alive in us all those virtues of character that produce happiness for ourselves, peace in our families and righteousness in our community. Amen.

* Offered for the members of the army in which the author serves as a uniformed member.