And for All Who

I’ve adopted a practice commended to me a few years ago by Gary L. Whetstone, my district superintendent. When I pray for myself or for others, I often add the phrase “and for all who …” to my prayer, enlarging the circle of my concern to all who are similarly situated.

Whetstone learned the practice from John Brantley, a pastor in my conference, who in turn says that he learned it from his physician. In his message to his preachers, Whetstone quoted Brantley:

My physician taught me to add a phrase to all my prayers for myself. If I am praying for my healing from the flu, she would suggest I add, ‘and heal all those who suffer from the flu today.’ This simple exercise takes my prayers and carries them around the world. . .

Whetstone continued:

How cool is that! Now when I have to preach, I’m praying for all of you who have to preach. When I pray over that paperwork, I’ll pray it will breeze by for you. And, when I pray weighted by a heavy decision, I will remember you in my prayers.

As the practice has been commended to me, I commend it to you.


One thought on “And for All Who”

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I shall add it to my prayer life.

    I recall taking a C.P.E. with Gary Whetstone at Scottish Rite Children’s Medical Center an age ago, during which I learned a phrase from Gary that I still use, “Good Gravy.”


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