New: United Methodist Scholars for Christian Orthodoxy

A new site from United Methodist Scholars for Christian Orthodoxy. Here’s an excerpt from the site’s introductory post by Stephen Rankin.

Regarding doctrine, we are convinced that ignorance of our doctrine is endemic among United Methodists, not only about what United Methodists believe, but also how our doctrines fit within the so-called Great Tradition of Christian orthodoxy dating back to the earliest church. Methodists have been generous to a fault, wishing to draw the circle as wide as possible to include all people (or as many as possible). But this generosity has bred confusion and bondage, not clarity and freedom. We cannot be held together by denominational structures alone and we cannot talk about “shared mission” if we don’t have shared vision. That vision starts with some core theological commitments and some theological boundaries. The mission of UMSCO, therefore, is to take the Apostles Creed, the Nicene Creed, and the Chalcedonian statement regarding Christology as our givens, our starting points.

Anchoring in the Great Tradition of the church and the ancient creeds is a great place to start.