A Handful of Christmas and Epiphany Posts

From the Christmas Market at Bad Wimpfen
From the Christmas Market at Bad Wimpfen

Reflections on
Mary, Joseph, Angels, Shepherds and Wise Men
The Birth of Jesus the Messiah
In the beginning was the Word
Christmas and Culture 

Where the Christmas Story Begins – On Matthew 1:1-17
Luke’s Christmas Cantata – An observation about Luke 1-2
Belief and Unbelief in the Annunciation Narratives – Zechariah and Mary in Luke 1
Let it Be – On Luke 1:26-38
Elizabeth the Prophet –  On Luke 1:41-45
Fruit of thy Womb – On Luke 1:42
The Brephos Leaped in Her Womb – On Luke 1:41
The Magnificat – On Luke 1:46-55
The Lowly are Israel – On Luke 1:51-55
Joseph’s Family Honor – On Matthew 1:19
The Inn of Jesus’ Birth – On Luke 2:1-7
Glory to God in the Highest – On the Song of the Angels in Luke 2:8-20
An Old Man’s Bucket List – On the Song of Simeon in Luke 2:25-35
The God Who Wants to be Known – On John 1:1-14
Magi from the East – On Matthew 2:1-12
Looking to the Skies – The astrology of the Magi
On Gold and Frankincense – The gift of the Magi

A Gospel Procession on Christmas Eve – A liturgical sign of Christ’s coming into the world
The Messiah is Born – A liturgical proclamation of Christ’s birth

Eliezer the Unreliable – An imaginative narrative of the nativity

A Flight of Geese – And chestnuts roasting on an open fire
Christmas Eve 1968 – A memory of Apollo 8
Merry Christmas – A cultural reflection on secular Christmas