Christ’s Sacrifice

In Chapter IX of The Shape of the Liturgy, Dom Gregory Dix wrote:

It is true that the interpretation of Christ’s death in particular as atoning and sacrificial was what in historical fact did more than anything else to reveal to the most primitive church the whole Messianic significance of our Lord’s Person and office. But it was quickly understood – before the end of the apostolic age itself – that His sacrifice was something which began with His Humanity and which has its eternal vontinuance in heaven. . . . Calvary has here become only the final moment, the climax of the offering of a sacrifice whose opening is at Bethlehem, and whose acceptance is in the resurrection and ascension and in what follows beyond the veil in heaven.

In other words, Christ’s sacrifice is not just his death on the cross. It is his life consumated in death, accepted in his resurrection and perpetually offered in eternity.