A Change of Command Prayer

Almighty God, I pray this morning for the men and women of [this organization]. Unite them as one in a spirit of service and camaraderie. Sustain them in their good work. Encourage them, and grant them safety in every peril. Give them strength for their labors and wisdom equal to every task.

As we pass the colors in this historic ceremony, I especially lift up the two commanders, one outgoing and one incoming.

Go with [the outgoing commander] as he and his family move to a new assignment. Let their new place of service be a blessing to them in every way.

And be with [the incoming commander] as he assumes command of this great organization. Endow him with every grace of leadership that he will need. Watch over him and his loved ones through all the times of trial. Grant him and his people success in every good endeavor, so that their many missions might be accomplished and every member of the team might find satisfaction in the important work they are doing on behalf of their nation and their neighbors.


A generic version of a prayer offered for change of command in a military organization with a largely civilian mission.