Revelation 5 Worship

Gathering with the saints at Christ’s table is often for me a Revelation 5 moment, or an Isaiah 6 moment, if you will. I don’t exactly see the myriads of angels or hear the sounds of every creature in heaven and earth singing praise to God with one voice. I’m not hallucinating or having mystic visions. But it is often an extraordinary moment. When the words of a hymn carry me to the throne of God or to the consummation of all things in Christ, my voice soon fails and my vision blurs from tears. I am literally “all choked up.” The reality is too glorious to bear and the hope too much for words.

No, I can’t see the angels or the heavenly elders or the saints of every place and age who are gathered with me around the throne of grace, but like John, I can see the lamb who was slaughtered, the one who is worthy to receive power and wealth and wisdom and might and honor and glory and blessing. He is right there, according to his promise. This is my body given for you. This is my blood shed for you.