The Ancient Sacramental Mystery for Post-Modern Humanity

Catholicity and Covenant provides a number of great quotations from Cyril of Jerusalem on the sacramental mystery. The article concludes with this summary:

Cyril gives a dramatic account of the sacramental life, an account which grasps the imagination, which unveils the mysteries as participation in the Mystery.  It’s a rich, vivid understanding of the sacramental life, in which Paschal Mystery, communion of the Holy Spirit, and participation in the divine nature are present realities, experienced now, in lives “on whom the end of the ages has come” (I Corinthians 10:11).  It is difficult not to conclude that this powerful sacramental drama lay close to the heart of what attracted Cyril’s catechumens to the Church’s faith – and that its meaningful, imaginative recovery, could have significance in renewing the Church’s mission amidst the flattened, disenchanted landscape of postmodernity in the West.