Christ for Us

Christ For Us
A hymn for Holy Communion
Text by Horatius Bonar, 1808-1889

On merit not my own I stand;
On doings which I have not done,
Merit beyond what I can claim,
Doings more perfect than my own.

Upon a life I have not lived,
Upon a death I did not die,
Another’s life, another’s death,
I stake my whole eternity.

Not on the tears which I have shed;
Not on the sorrows I have known,
Another’s tears, another’s griefs,
On them I rest, on them alone.

Jesus, O Son of God, I build
On what Thy cross has done for me;
There both my death and life I read,
My guilt, my pardon there I see.

Lord, I believe; oh deal with me
As one who has Thy word believed;
I take the gift, Lord look on me
As one who has Thy gift received.

I taste the love the gift contains,
I clasp the pardon which it brings,
And pass up to the living source
Above, whence all this fulness springs.

Here at Thy feast, I grasp the pledge
Which life eternal to me seals,
Here in the bread and wine I read
The grace and peace thy death reveals.

O fulness of the eternal grace,
O wonders past all wondering!
Here in the hall of love and song,
We sing the praises of our King.

Indelible Grace has a beautiful rendition of this hymn which they have entitled Upon a Life. Regrettably, this version omits the Eucharistic stanzas.