Scholarship Award Luncheon Prayer

Holy God, creator of all, you give your sons and daughters the ability to acquire knowledge and you rejoice when they gain true wisdom. I ask that we might know the blessing of your presence here this afternoon as we honor these young scholars.

Thank you for the food we share, for the work of this organization and for the generosity of those who made these scholarships possible.

Thank you for the leadership, intelligence and creativity that we see in these young adults.

Thank you for caring teachers and mentors who nurtured their minds and shaped their character.

Thank you for friends and parents who supported and encouraged them.

You helped them become who they are; now help them grow into the men and women they can become. Be with them and strengthen them for whatever the future holds. Lead them in the paths that are best for them. Help them fully develop the gifts of mind, body and spirit that you have given them. Use them to make the world a better place for everyone. Guide them in the way of truth and life. For the sake of your Holy Name, Amen.