The Victory Worth the Sacrifice

What is the most important thing about the victory in WWII at the cost of a million allied combatant lives?

  1. The fact that so many allied soldiers gave their lives touches my heart. It’s a very powerful thing to contemplate.
  2. The tenacity and skill of the allied soldiers show me how to succeed in the face of great difficulties. There are lots of life lessons to be learned.
  3. The allies produced a number of scientific and technological advances that provided the world with many practical advantages, which make my life better. (This computer is the evolution of one of them!)
  4. The allied victory made it possible for me to live in Europe and Korea, which was really cool! I loved the food, the drink and all the sights! Lots of good shopping, too! Yea, allies!
  5. The allied victory freed large parts of the world from brutal dictatorships and deadly oppression, restoring hope for millions. The whole world benefits from their victory.

All are true. Only one is the reason that so many allied service members shed their blood. Only one is commensurate with the scale of the sacrifice.

Now the most important thing about Christ’s victory over sin, death and the devil is ….